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Come for the party,

Stay for the Night

From planning social gatherings to Hosting parties, Aragma will change the way you Party. Register for our next event now.


Simplify your social life by communicating via voice.

Relax, Have Fun and Chill

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find better.

Interactive Games

Salient App is now out for download everywhere.

Theme based parties

Get 10gb storage on our servers with a free account.

We Deliver What

We Say

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to keep making friends even after those school & college days?
We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

Simply choose from our upcoming event

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. Partying is simple, we got this for you. Get customized quote for your own gathering or simply walk in to see how smoothly we can host you from evening to morning!

Get Ready to be verified for fun!

Aragma will change the way we stay connected and interact.
Especially the way we do party as its not just some random fun but a lot more social, themed evening & genuine crowd to mingle with.

Party with Aragma

Change the way you keep in touch & enjoy a stress free life.

Say Ola at or Call us at +918860585671