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Greetings from Team ARAGMA

We started this beautiful journey 8 months ago, while finishing up from a party at some loud café in the so called Hauz Khas village. One of our friends could barely hear us talk. We knew we couldn’t stay there for long.

While coming back, we had this conversation particular conversation.

Someone said, “What if we keep our next gathering at our house with something fun to do?

And the other said, “its better if we bring our friends to this, they might want to enjoy being at home?’’ said the other.

This let to inception of ARAGMA meaning Chilling in Greek. With lots of fun activities such as Beer pong, Drinking Jenga, Piccolo, Cards, Board games, Darts! We have our evenings covered with some really laid back setups, each meet-up themed differently!
Believing in the fact that people not really make friends after college days, hence building a community of like minded different people from the various stages of life is what we are doing. Genuinely have a conversation with a new face or merely catch up with your old buddy in a not so monotonous café but at your own ARAGMA event! Listen to some of the most amazing people as they follow their dreams in music or destroy you in a round of beer pong!
Plus, save some trouble on your pocket, as we offer you stay (first come first serve basis) for our morning tea/coffee farewell sessions!

We make sure the list of guests is full with trusted and verified people. We encourage (FOF) friends of friends to come along and see how easily you will find yourself the comfort and feeling of being just right at home! We try and host 12-15 people though we do have to extend that limit to a 20 but that doesn’t stop us from serving all.

We recently crossed the bar of 500 dedicated followers on instagram, who are willing to join our community. There are people who are willing to be a part of this beautiful happy community. Why is that? Understanding few of the testimonials will give you a good idea of how exactly we pack the excitement for you once you plan to join us for our next event. People have met their office colleagues’ not in office but at one of the parties and that made them better friends at work. We at ARAGMA are there to help you find happiness and serve you better. And it works!

Happy chilling!


Aashish Thakur

Community builder and marketing expert

Pulkit jain

One of a great mind behind inception of this community.

Niti Chauhan

Architect by work and passionate about HouseParties, great with PR

Shariq Riyaz Khan

Event’s expert, Mentor and budding Singer

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